Frequently Asked Questions

What’s your admission policy?

We admit medically stable patients with established rehabilitation diagnoses who have potential for improvement. Our patients must be able to benefit from an intensive rehabilitation program (three hours per day). Potential patients receive a free assessment to determine their appropriateness for the program and must be approved for admission by our physicians. Call Admissions at 510-895-7237 for more information.

Can inpatients leave the hospital for a day or overnight pass?

No. Hospital and insurance guidelines are clear that patients who are stable enough to leave the hospital setting no longer require inpatient care. One exception is a brief therapeutic pass to evaluate the anticipated home or community discharge setting with our staff to ensure the dwelling/environment is safe, appropriate and accessible upon final hospital discharge.

What is average length of stay in rehab?

Average length of stay is 18 days. Length of stay is individualized and may be shorter or longer depending upon the individual. The length of stay is determined by when the patient reaches safety and medical stability. Rehab typically continues on an outpatient basis given that most patients have not reached full potential upon discharge.

Call 510-895-4200 for more information.